“I ended up staying awake just to finish it.” 
Makayla Abrahamson
"I'm really enjoying the book, it’s been fun and engaging"
Calum Maclean
“I absolutely adored it! It was such a fun read for me. Very Lovecraftian.”
Sally Feliz

New Urban Fantasy Series


Ivan wants to spend the summer before university getting his life in order. He never planned to get entangled with a centuries-old Viking death cult.

But when one of his friends is next on the sacrificial list…well, things are going to get messy before he'll have time to sort out his university applications.  

As the creatures of the shadow world gather to wreak Norse havoc, can Ivan save his friends before Ragnarok kicks off...for real.

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Ivan and his friends are flat hunting in London in preparation for the start of university. Turns out, finding a flat with a Raven in tow is not always simple.  

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A New Urban Fantasy Series 

The River of Night is the first in a new urban fantasy trilogy. It features giant shadow wolves, high school beach parties, mysterious occult happenings, and of course the ever present question of what to do if you're targeted by a Viking death cult who thinks you're the unwitting source of power from another dimension. Hey, we're talking universal themes here...